A few months ago I began putting into practice the steps to Recognizing God’s Voice that I shared with you last week. I started with the question, “What Lies am I believing?” The answer I received was: “I can do things on my own” and “I am not enough”. Then I asked, “What is your truth about me?” and the answer I received was, “Beloved daughter of the King.”

None of the truths I heard from the Lord that day were earth shattering. The problem was, while I “knew” the truth God spoke, I was “believing” the lies of the enemy. When I looked at my life, the decisions I made, the way I spent my time, and the heart motivation behind a lot of the service I was doing, something became very clear to me. I wasn’t living in a way that displayed any belief in God, only knowledge of Him. I’d lost the zeal of the early years right after I became a believer. The enemies voice had crept in and convinced me that God’s promises, and his power and authority, were not meant for me. They were reserved only for “better” Christians, and that I would never measure up, so why even try?

That night God spoke over me that I am a, “beloved daughter of the King”. The difference this time was I chose to believe it. I spoke out loud, “I receive your truth about me Lord, and reject the lies of the enemy that I have been believing.” And what happened next was HUGE. Like any daughter does when her father expresses his love for her (and she really believes him), I was moved to return His love. I began to desire to hear my father’s voice, and was able to recognize and rebuke the contrasting voice of the enemy in my head. All of the sudden the primary voice in my head changed from Satan’s to God’s and I began to realize that the chains I’d been sitting in all those years, were broken all along. I was free, all I had to do was choose to get up and walk away from them.

Here is where things get tricky. Those chains that I had been sitting in for years, the love of possessions, comfort, and safety aren’t easy things to walk away from. The only thing that could move me to make the drastic changes that I’ve started to make in my life is love for God that is more than my love for those other things. To be honest with you, choosing God over those other things is still a decision I struggle with day in and day out. But I remind myself that the more I choose God the easier it will be for me to take that next step towards him and away from the chains.

Developing a true and deep love for God is really the same as any other relationship. It requires commitment and intentionality. Love is always a choice, and only sometimes a feeling. So even on days when I don’t feel like opening up my bible or praying that prayer, I am trying to choose to anyway. What I’ve found is that every single time I make the choice to draw near to Him, my love for Him grows.

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