In January I shared my goals for the year along with a listening prayer worksheet to help us spend time surrendering the year to the Lord and receive His direction on where our focus should be this year. Now its time for a mid year check up – how’s it going?!

My words or goals for the year were:

Be present

Be content

Be patient

Be faithful

Now that a little more than half of the year has gone by I can see how these words have begun to take form in my life this year, both in ways I expected and ways I didn’t.

Be present – This was something I assumed had mostly to do with my family and my kiddos. I knew I was planning to make the shift from working part time to being a full time SAHM and so it seemed fitting for sure. Turns out it has led to so much more! The Lord has taught me so much about friendship this year, about being present and available for the women He has placed in my community and I have seen friendships move past “friends” into true sisters in Christ. I am so thankful for this mindset shift from the Lord this year, and am looking forward to leaning into more of what God has for me as I continue to work towards being present the rest of the year.

Be content – Earlier this year we were praying through how the Lord would have us continue to build our family, and over and over again just felt the Lord saying “be content” and “enjoy this stage while you’re in it”. So that is what I’ve tried to do, and low and behold the Lord worked out the building our family part on His own. He is doing so differently than we had planned (a third biological rather than pursuing adoption) but we are content and thankful for His provision and ultimately know that God’s plan is better than ours!

Be patient – Patience with my own growth, and changes I long to see but are slow in actual execution. Patience with pregnancy symptoms and toddler tantrums. This theme has definitely been present in my life this year. Mostly I’ve been reminded by it all of God’s perfect and never failing patience with me. I’ve given Him ample opportunity to show patience with me this year, and am oh so thankful that He extends me grace again and again.

Be faithful – This one has probably been the most impactful this year because it has been so necessary. I’ve shared about my own miscarriage and the losses of friends that left me questioning God and my own access to Him. Faithfully pressing into Him, choosing to put my stake in the ground that whatever happens, I choose to believe God is good, even when I haven’t felt it, has been what has carried me through the difficult seasons of this year. One step at a time, one day at a time, the Lord has been faithful to meet me in each act of obedience, in each decision to show up.

Now that we’re about halfway through the year and know we are expecting to add a new member to the family come January, I have some practical goals I’m laying out for myself in preparation. I’m sharing them here in the hopes that you’ll hold me accountable and that as I share updates on my progress it will remind and inspire you to look back on your goals and check your progress.

Goals to help organize and simplify our life:

Top priority (one project a month until baby comes) –

-Establish a weekly/monthly/quarterly/biannual cleaning routine (and actually follow it for the most part).

-Finish closet remodel and implement maternity capsule wardrobe

-Remodel and organize Laundry room (I’m SO excited about this project, mudroom here we come!!)

-Clean out and organize Guest bedroom/craftroom

-Move Clara into Everett’s room and clean out/organize their closets

Bonus –

-Paint playroom and kitchen.

-Clean out and reorganize play room

-Sell/donate all decor items and toys we don’t love/need

-Paint dining room chandelier

-Order new light fixture for breakfast nook and over the sink.

-Whitewash the fireplace

Whew! I know that is ALOT and when my husband reads this he is probably gonna go, “Seriously?!” But thankfully we have tons of help from family and friends and I know we can at a minimum manage the top priority list! Here’s to setting out a plan and following through (mostly). I’m loving my Day Designer Planner I picked up at target last week. The goal setting exercises in the first few pages are great resources and I’ve found the layout of the month and week spreads to be the best on the Target shelves right now for implementing meal planning and daily task planning all in the same place as our family schedules!

How have you seen God move in the areas He spoke over you at the beginning of the year? Do you have any specific and/or measurable goals for the second half of the year? I’d love to hear from you! Let’s encourage each other on our journey’s to live simply and intentionally for Jesus!

With love,


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