As many of you know, My husband and I along with some close friends, attended a conference a couple of months ago that focused on equipping the church in deliverance and healing ministry. I’ve been itching to share all that I learned with you but if I’m honest it has been a struggle for a few reasons. One, there is just SO much that there is no way I can fit it into one blog post, and two, these ministries of the Holy Spirit aren’t things we hear taught on in the majority of our churches today. At the conference we witnessed demons cast out, prophetic words spoken, and people healed from chronic and even life-threatening illness and disease. It was amazing, God was glorified, and we left incredibly on fire for the Lord with a lot to think about.

The Bible speaks to all these things, in both the new and the old testament. We see God move in miraculous ways to rescue His people from Egypt and establish them in the promised land. We see Jesus heal the sick, cast out demons, and prophesy about events to come. And yet, when I look around at a lot of Christian churches today these are topics that are talked about with fear and words of caution at best.

Many of our churches (mine included) don’t claim a cessationist view on these things. The cessationist view is that the signs and wonders we read about in Acts and many of Paul’s letters were how God was moving in that time, but aren’t for us today. If we don’t hold that view, and we believe that the Bible is true, then why aren’t we seeing more movement of the Spirit among God’s people today?

This is the question I’ve asked myself again and again over the last year as we’ve been learning more about the Holy Spirit.

If I’m honest I’ve been nervous about the fallout of putting in writing that I believe God is moving in these gifts today and the implications to us as God’s people (it’s hard to face the fact that maybe we’ve been missing this aspect of God in many of our churches and personal pursuits for a long time). So instead of hitting you with all the teaching that I was exposed to at the Ken Fish conference on Advanced Healing and Deliverance. I just want to ask you some questions, and I look forward to hearing your responses!

If you could heal the sick, would you?

If you could deliver your loved one from a demon and set them free from the depression and disease that has taken over their body, would you?

If you could go to your family member who is not a believer and receive a word from God so specific and meaningful to them that they’d know it could only have come from God, would you want to?

The Bible says that as a believer in Christ, through your Authority in Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit you can. So what is stopping you?

Maybe you are similar to me and what has been stopping you is a mixture of not understanding the gifts of the Spirit and fear because practicing these things requires stepping way far outside of your comfort zone. I totally get it! Teaching on these things is not easily found in many churches today, but it is available. Ken Fish with Kingdom Fire Ministries is doing a great job equipping the body of Christ in these things. The Convergence Conference held by Sam Storms and his church in Oklahoma City has free resources on their website that are teaching and addressing the theological side of these topics.

If this is all new to you, what I would really like to challenge you with is this: read what God’s word says about these things for yourself. Don’t listen to a sermon on it or read your favorite theologian’s commentary on it, but open up the word of God for yourself and really read it. Ask the Lord to meet you in your study of His word, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth of God’s word to you. Without the opinions of everyone else, what does God’s word say?

Recommended Reading:

-The entire book of either Matthew or Luke paying key attention to how Jesus ministered
-John 16
-The book of Acts
-Romans 8 (or all of Romans!)
-1 Corinthians 2, 12-14

It is so important to approach God’s word expecting it to be sufficient and expecting the Lord to meet us in our study and reveal His truth. There are great resources out there no doubt, but other people’s experiences with the Lord cannot replace having our own personal experience with Him. Our faith will never truly be faith until we’ve experienced the Lord for ourselves in a deep and personal way. That is why I’m encouraging you to read the Bible, plain and simple, but full of power and truth without anything added to your study. Then and only then, if you want to start learning more about the gifts of the Spirit, the theology behind them, and how God is moving in His people in these ways TODAY, check out the list of resources below.

I’m looking forward to hearing your responses in the comments below!

Some questions to ponder:

What has been your experience (positive or negative) with these things?

What did the Lord reveal to you as you studied His word?

If you agree that the Gifts of the Spirit are still available to us as believers today, what do you think is holding you back from pursuing them?

Why do you think we don’t see more teaching on the Gifts of the Spirit in our churches today?

I look forward to hearing from y’all and entering into a discussion on this topic. Leave your comments below!

Recommended Resources to go deeper:

The Convergence Conference

Kingdom Fire Ministries

John Wimber

Todd White

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