In our last post we talked about the way the enemy takes truth and twists it into hard to recognize lies in attempts to undermine our faith and trust in the Lord. This week, I am sharing my go-to strategies for fighting against the enemy’s schemes, and rooting ourselves in the truth and love of Christ. 

Here we go!

  1. Take a hint from Jesus’ playbook. In Luke 4 we see Jesus taken into the desert to be tempted by Satan. This is an example of the enemy using truth from scripture against Jesus in an attempt to get him to sin. Jesus’ response to this tactic of the enemy should be our first line of defense when the enemy comes against us. He acknowledges the lie and fights it with truth. I love the way the passion translation describes this scene:

“The devil took Jesus to Jerusalem and set him on the highest point of the temple and tempted him there, saying, “If you really are the Son of God, jump down in front of all the people. For it is written, ‘God has given his angels instructions to protect you from harm. For the hands of angels will hold you up and keep you from hurting even one foot on the stone.’ 

Jesus replied, ‘It is also written in the Scriptures, ‘How dare you test the Lord your God!’’ Luke 4:9-12

Jesus essentially rebukes Satan for taking the scripture out of context and applying it wrongly in order to tempt him. He fights the lie (truth Satan twisted into a lie) with truth from scripture. The key here is spending time in God’s word, knowing God well, so that we are able to recognize the lies of the enemy when they come. God will never contradict himself!

  1. Listening prayer. Often times we are unaware of the lies we are believing because we haven’t spent time receiving from truth himself. Entering into God’s presence on a regular basis has brought me more freedom from the lies of the enemy than anything else. Inviting Him in to speak into my heart and mind about what is true about me shatters all doubt, insecurity, and fear and fills me up with love, trust, and thankfulness. It roots me in who God says I am, and when He opens me up to seeing myself the way he sees me, it always brings me to my knees in the best way imaginable- fully surrendered and safe in His loving arms. 
  2. Community, community, community. I repeated it three times because it is just that important and powerful! Strong biblical community leaves no room for the enemy’s lies. It calls them out and replaces them with truth even, if not especially, when we’re too weak or blinded to recognize them for ourselves. I share about what this has looked like in my life recently, here
  3. Cling to the gospel. It is finished. We are no longer slaves. Our sin is cast as far as the east is from the west. When the enemy brings condemnation and shame, always come back to the gospel. Jesus died to set you free not to shame you. We are free to fail, repent, and quickly get back up and walk in freedom once more. I truly believe the more we dwell on the gospel and embrace the freedom and beauty of repentance, the less we will fail. The enemy wants our eyes inward focused on our failure, but the gospel shifts our eyes heavenward to what Jesus did and reminds us that it is not about us, what we do or don’t do, it is all about Him and the fullness of what he accomplished on the cross!
  4. The Battle is real. I’ve heard myself say, “the struggle is real” more times than I can count. But, recently I’ve felt the Lord challenging me to change my language to “the battle is real”. It seems small but the word struggle implies a lack of power and authority to overcome, where as battle more accurately reflects the active roll we should be playing in standing firm against the enemy’s schemes. We have to choose to fight the battle. If we don’t we are at best guilty of laziness and at worst essentially partnering with the enemy in his discouraging work.

I share all of these strategies in the hopes you will be challenged and encouraged to put on your armor each day and go to battle. Keep in mind, even as you read this list that the goal of the enemy is to discourage us, to keep us stagnant and complacent in the battle. He will try and twist what is intended to be empowering into a judgemental finger shaking, a lecture on all the things we’re failing at. That is not what this is, do not let him convince you otherwise. 

In reality, this is my own personal way of fighting back against schemes of the enemy that God has brought to my attention and that I refuse to let hinder me any longer. It is my attempt to go to battle for each of you reading this- to shed light on lies or thought patterns that you may not have even realized were the enemy, in hopes that freedom and truth will break through all the noise the enemy may have been using to dull the light of Jesus within you. 

You my friend, are a threat to the enemy. Did you know that? You are God’s weapon, or at least He wants you to be. Step into the role of warrior princess that on some level you’ve always desired to fill and fight back against the enemy. Refuse to let his deception stand any longer.

There is freedom, fullness of joy, hope, intimacy with the Lord that breeds abundant love, and so much more waiting on the other side of you putting on your amor, picking up your sword, and charging into battle against the enemy. I have never experienced a more fulfilling, exciting, and yet peaceful life than I am now that my eyes are fully open to the reality of the spiritual battle that rages.

Join me, my sister, my friend. Let’s charge into battle together. 

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