There is so much the Lord has taught me as a mother. He taught me things as a first-time mom, as a mom to two under two, as a mom to a baby in Heaven, and now he continues to teach me daily as a mom to three all born within less than three years.

The lessons are different every day, and yet the themes are constant. I hope you enjoy this collection of reflections on the importance of mothers but also on the life-altering, mindset shifting, all at once wonderful and incredibly challenging blessing of motherhood.

Motherhood starts with a longing, a sudden shift somewhere deep inside that replaces the fear of childbearing and birth, and all the sacrifices, with a deep desire to love and nurture a tiny soul. I’ll never forget when I realized this had happened to me. Up until that point I’d been genuinely afraid of getting pregnant. Even as a girl who grew up dreaming of being a mom, there were years early in our marriage when the thought of seeing a plus sign on a pregnancy test truly terrified me. Then one day I was a few days late and to my surprise hope had replaced my fear. We didn’t actually get pregnant for another year after that but it was a notable shift in my heart. It was the first step in God preparing me for the things to come.

Motherhood is seeing that positive sign on a pregnancy test and feeling all at once excited and completely overwhelmed. It is daydreaming about what your family will look like with this new little life. Sometimes motherhood is mourning that life, a few short weeks or months later, all the hopes dashed and all the dreams set back. Motherhood is being thankful for the gift of life, despite the pain, because somehow being that baby’s mom for a few weeks is better than them never having existed at all.

Motherhood is putting the needs of your child above your own desires again and again. I’ve never seen this modeled more beautifully than by a sweet friend of mine this weekend who in the face of devastating disappointment continued to champion her child’s well being above all else.

Motherhood is holding a tiny baby on your chest completely amazed at the tiny miracle God created and entrusted to you. It’s excitement and awe. Then it’s being reminded pretty quickly that sacrificial love is the order of the day. Funny how we don’t even think twice about it. They’re worth every ache and pain, every sleepless night.

Motherhood is making a fool out of yourself trying to get your four-month-old to giggle, playing dinosaurs (pterodactyl screech included) with your son, and dancing through the house like no ones watching with your daughter.

Motherhood is a load of laundry crumpled on that one chair in the living room while another mildews in the washer, and choosing to cuddle sick kids and watch movies all day rather than address the situation.

Motherhood is, walks to the park, dirty dishes in the sink, picking up the same toys fives times a day. It’s hugs and slobber and “one more time mommy!”

Motherhood is setting aside all your plans and to do lists for the day to spend uninterrupted time with your kids because you realize that you blinked and you oldest can get himself dressed and get his own snack and only has one more year at home before school starts.

Motherhood is crying as you think about them starting school but looking forward to that season at the same time.

Motherhood is seeing yourself in your kids when they are throwing their third fit of the day and what you’re offering them is better than what they asked for in the first place.

Motherhood is feeling like your at the end of your rope and crying out to the Lord for help. It’s Him opening your eyes and granting you compassion and understanding for your toddler. It’s sitting down on the floor with them, telling them to breathe, helping them calm down, and being their safe place to land (this is actually one of my all time favorite things about motherhood, it is exhausting sometimes to be the one they want ALL THE TIME, but I love being the one they run to when life hurts or overwhelms them).

For me, Motherhood has been a crazy mix of chasing my own dreams, remembering that my kids are one of my dreams, crying out to the Lord for more time in the day, and finding out that the only way I’ll ever do any of it well is by surrendering completely to Him.

I hope my reflections help encourage you to take some time and reflect on your own journey in motherhood. Whether it is still just a longing, has been a hard journey with more mourning than rejoicing or is full to overflowing, this one is for you! I believe God created mothers to reflect important aspects of Himself to the world, and whether your babies are present with you, in Heaven with Jesus, or living life in the arms of another, God sees you, He loves you, and he has purposes for you as a mom.


With love,


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