“Martha, Martha..”

These are words the Lord speaks to me as a reminder that I’ve lost sight of what truly matters, Jesus.

In our world today there is so much to do. Homes to decorate with the latest trends, Pinterest perfect parties to throw, and a social media presence to maintain. Not to mention the more mundane parts of life like dishes, laundry, and the daily grind.

The distractions from what truly matters in life are endless.

But I’ve come to love hearing these words from the Lord, because they instantly remind me that I am free, that this world is not my home, and that all the pressure I’ve been placing on myself to get the house clean, plan and prepare healthy but delicious meals, etc. etc. is of my own making. God did not put those expectations on me, I did.

“Martha, Martha..” reminds me that all the Lord wants from me is my heart, my affection. He doesn’t need me to accomplish His plans.

Not being “needed” by God was a thought that used to sting a bit.”Well then what is the point?” I’d say to myself. “Why bother?”

But, now I’ve come to understand the freedom of that truth. The pressure to perform, or live up to an impossible standard is removed. All He wants me to do is sit at His feet. Everything else is a bonus.

Now I understand that the Bible is full of many statements about all the things the Christian should do. Tithe, serve the widow and the orphan, love thy neighbor as thyself, etc. etc.

“But the first and GREATEST commandment is this, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all you soul and with all your mind.”(Matthew 22:37)


We miss this as a Church all the time because we assume that loving God means serving others. And while that isn’t untrue, the more real truth is that loving God is spending time in His presence. It’s prioritizing Him above all others and pursuing Him purely for the sake of knowing Him better rather than with a laundry list of things we hope he’ll do for us in return. When we mix up the order and put serving God above loving Him our ministry is rendered ineffective or at the very least less effective because we are not actually practicing what we preach and our motivation for serving is all wrong.

When the words, “Martha, Martha” are brought to the forefront of my mind the Holy Spirit is calling for my attention. The Lord is inviting me to lay aside my to-do-list and to invite Him into my day, not just for 15 minutes in the morning, but as I’m planning my to-do-list, playing with my kids, driving to the store.

He wants me to sit at his feet, not to check the box, but to catch His heart for my day so that when He speaks up about the hurt in the cashier’s eyes or lays it on my heart to pray for the coworker with a migraine, I’m already tuned in and ready to act in obedience.

Today, as I sat reflecting on the day and everything I didn’t accomplish, I heard it, “Martha, Martha”. With a smile and a sigh, I asked, “What do you think about my day Lord?” “What do you have to say about all the goals I’ve set for myself this week?”

As I replayed my day again with an eternal perspective instead of a worldly one my anxiety began to recede and contented thankfulness took its place.

Images of cluttered counter tops and unfolded laundry were overshadowed by the time spent on the floor laughing, wrestling, and reading with my kids. The gentle reminder from the Lord that they are my calling, not the picture perfect home.

What is stressing you out today? Take a moment and invite the Lord to give you His perspective on whatever it is. Let’s embrace the freedom of not being needed by him and rejoice in the truth that instead we are wanted!

With love,


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