I’m not gonna lie to y’all, making the decision to go all in with God on this Fall women’s event has been one of the most trying experiences of my adult life so far. Not because of the logistics of planning an event or anything like that (I actually love all of those aspects of this particular task) but because of the way it has peaked every insecurity within me.

I’m constantly fighting to not worry about who does or does not seem supportive of the idea. To not count likes and comments on posts or get discouraged by the single ticket sale we’ve made so far (thanks mom!).

And its crazy that those are the things my mind is tempted to focus on, when the encouraging notes and messages have been more numerous than ever. But the enemy doesn’t want my mind to dwell on encouragement and support. He wants me to doubt, to waver in my commitment to follow God wherever He may lead me. He wants to disable me in any way possible. And man have I felt His schemes at play in my life more than ever recently.

Despite all the enemy’s schemes, the truths that I know (and am having to fight for each and every day) are these:

-The fruit is out on the limb. I need to takes risks in saying yes to God when I hear Him speak if I want to truly grow in my ability to recognize His voice and walk step in step with Him.

-Obedience is the win. Ultimately, all that matters is that when God calls me to something I give a willing and enthusiastic YES LORD! Will I mishear some of the time? Probably. But I know that what God cares about most is my willing heart, so I’d rather take a step of obedience that ends up being a little off, than not take a step at all out of fear of failure. God’s grace is sufficient. Thank you Jesus!!

I first heard the saying, “Faith is spelled R.I.S.K” at the Ken Fish conference I went to over labor day weekend. He shared it in the midst of a message based around the parable of the talents in Matthew 25. The basic premise of his message was that God entrusts things to us based on our abilities (v. 15) and we are held accountable to how we manage what we are given (v. 21, 23, & 26). The servants who took what was entrusted to them and made the most of it, investing it in ways that allowed for increase were called “good and faithful servants.” The one servant who, out of fear of his master, hid what was entrusted to him in the ground and returned it to his master exactly as it was given to him was called a, “wicked and slothful servant.”

God wants us to expect increase and not through passive church attendance but through actively investing what He has entrusted to us. This can only be done by taking measured risks, prayerfully stepping out where we feel the Lord calling us, laying out the faith He has given us in the hope of seeing it increased two fold and five fold. I was so encouraged by this thought because one, God doesn’t give me five talents unless I have the ability to handle five talents; and two, He is no less pleased with the servant who is faithful with two talents than He is with the servant who is faithful with five. Also within this parable is a promise that holds so much hope for us as believers if we will just start out by being faithful with what God has placed in front of us.

“You have been faithful over little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.” (v. 23)

Each time we prove faithful with what God entrusts He says He will set us over more! We may start out as the servant whose ability is only of the one talent level, but if we are faithful in the midst of that humble beginning, if we don’t let fear stop us from investing the mustard seed of faith God has granted us, then He will be faithful to set us over much in the future.

I don’t know about y’all but I intend to be faithful with the little God has given me all the while hoping to prove faithful and be entrusted with more. Because in my heart of hearts, if I’m honest I long to be the servant that is entrusted with five talents and is able through faith to turn it into ten.

We can expect increase. There is no limit for us as children of God to what He wants to accomplish in and through us if we will just put fear to death and take risks in faith. So talk to that person in the grocery store that the Lord keeps drawing your attention toward. Bring that homeless man a hot cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich and have a conversation with him. Call the friend who you hurt or the family member who doesn’t believe in Jesus and just be faithful with what God has set before you today.

The only caution I will give you is to not do any of those things in your own strength. You have a helper sent to you by Jesus himself. God’s manifest presence dwells in you as a believer in Christ! Part of being faithful is being humble and being willing to do things God’s way in HIS perfect timing. Maybe all God wants from you today is to spend time on your knees in prayer about what it looks like to be faithful with what you’ve been given.

I personally experience a whole lot more peace and success in ministry when I start the day on my knees, laying it all out before the Lord and asking what HE would have me do, rather than rolling right into my own agenda for the day.

This morning I tried to write a completely different post. It wasn’t until I’d spent an hour writing and rewriting and still feeling like I just couldn’t get where I was wanting to go, that my husband said to me, “Seems like you’re trying to force it. Why don’t you just relax this morning?”

He was right. I had started wrong, immediately diving into what I wanted to share before stopping to ask the Lord what He wanted to share with all of us this morning. It is SO much easier for me to write from a place of inspiration from the Lord, than to try and make sense of the jumble of thoughts bouncing around in my own mind.

Join me this morning will you, in dedicating the day to the Lord?

“Father be my guide today Lord. Be the lens through which I see all the tasks for the day and any tasks you may have for me along the way. I want to be faithful with what you’ve entrusted to me. Help me to posture my heart to say yes to you Lord, not out of obligation or with a slow and begrudging attitude, but from a place of genuine love for you and desire to hear you say, ‘Well done good and faithful servant’ not just once I arrive in Heaven but also when I lay down my head each night. Amen.”

With love,


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