“Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord whose confidence is in Him”

Jeremiah 17:7

This verse sounds so nice on paper. YES I want to experience (and better understand) God’s blessing in my life, YES I believe he’s trustworthy and YES I want to find my confidence in Him instead of myself. But sometimes it’s hard to get it off the paper and actively in the depths of my heart.

Decisions have plagued my thoughts lately. Whether it has to do with jobs, family, marriage, etc., the stakes seem enormously high and the pressure is real. Most of the time the stress comes from a never ending attack of lies from the enemy, going something like this…

If I make the wrong decision and I’m miserable it will be all my fault.

I will only have myself to blame for whatever I decide.

If I don’t choose the right one, I’ll be outside of/going against God’s will.

In this heart attitude, there is SO MUCH PRIDE. It’s REAL. If I’m following and seeking His heart, there’s no reason to fear tough decisions. I assume I have way too much control and power when I believe I can determine the place God wants me, or go so far as to believe I can remove myself from where He wants me. He alone is God and He alone has that power.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not trying to delve into the battle of free will vs. predestination; there is a mystery in how God wove these two fabrics together that still boggles my mind.

What I’m trying to say is that so much pressure gets built up into making decision because we feel the entire weight of responsibility lies with us. If you are a believer in Christ you have an ADVOCATE 24/7 petitioning God on your behalf. That means right now, even as you read this post, Christ pleads to the Father on your behalf. He works for your good.

This should radically transform the way we make decisions. If we are seeking Him, in His word, and submitting to what the Spirit is telling us then we wont believe that the weight of the decision rests on us alone. Jesus advocates for us, the Spirit guides us and ultimately the Father gives graciously to us… He gives us things that are good and he withholds things that are not His best for us.

Thinking I could choose the wrong thing and be brought outside of God’s will as a result is a lie intended to keep me paralyzed and perpetuate the sinful mindset that I am TOTALLY in control. It is a lie that keeps us inwardly distracted by which decision is the “right” one and prevents us from seeking God, clearing our mind and focusing on where He’s leading.

Friends, be set free from this lie today. Seek the Lord and ask him where He wants you. And then step out in faith and believe that He will open and close doors according to how He is at work in your life. He protects and provides for His flock. His provision may look different than what you or what the world deems as “good” but when you submit to His plans, they’ll be far better than what “good” has to offer.

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