A work in progress, that is what I am – what we all are really. Lately though, during this season of new years resolutions and goal setting, I have to admit I have been overwhelmed by all of the work that is still in progress. There are mindsets I want to change, improvements I want to make to the blog, and projects to complete around the house, the list could go on and on. As a result, I found myself pouring out my frustrations (over the unattainable list of goals I wanted to set for myself ) out to the Lord. Eventually, after much venting I arrived at a place where I could quiet my mind enough to ask Him what He thought and be still long enough to hear his answer.

“What would you have me focus on this year Lord?”

Here are the fours words/phrases I heard:

“Be present”

“be content”

“be faithful”

“be patient”

I jotted each one down and then asked Him what each one meant.

Be present, in each moment. Don’t get so focused on what comes next that you miss what is happening right in front of you.

Be content with what you have, it is more than enough.

Be faithful in the small things, they matter a lot more than you realize.

Be patient with progress, true long lasting change takes time.

As I have pondered all these things over the last couple days I realized, there is one overarching theme – Trust. If I choose to trust in the Lord I won’t be worried about what is happening tomorrow or next week or next month, I’ll be able to be present in the moment because in my heart of hearts I will not only know but believe he is sovereign over everything and will take care of me and prepare me as needed each day. If I choose to trust Him I will be content with what I have and not covet my friends things or circumstances, because I trust that God has my best in mind and ultimately knows better than I do what I need.

If I choose to trust the Lord, I will joyfully be faithful in the small things, knowing that through it all God is fulfilling his promise to complete the work he began in me. If I choose to trust my God, I will be patient with progress, believing that God’s timing is perfect and far better than my own.

If I had my way, without consulting the Lord at all, my new years resolutions would have looked something like this:

1. Lose the last 5-7lbs of baby weight

2. Complete the laundry room remodel, and organize the craft room

3. Read one book a month all year.

4. Create a cleaning schedule for the house (and actually follow it)

5. etc,

6. etc,


While none of those are bad goals (and are actually things I would still like to happen this year), they don’t focus on the condition of my heart, which is what matters most to God, and therefore should matter most to me. So this year I am going to focus on being present, content, faithful, and patient by choosing each day to trust in my God who has never let me down before.

What will your focus for 2018 be? Whether you have never practiced listening prayer before or you have been receiving from the Lord for years, I challenge you to take some time in these first few days of 2018 to reflect on all God did in 2017 (give him glory and praise), and ask Him what he wants to do in and through you in 2018. His plans are better than yours, I can promise you that.

Follow the link below for a worksheet to help you process through all God did in 2017, and begin to prayerfully plan for all he will do in 2018! I encourage you to write out your answers to the questions provided in a prayer journal you plan to use this year, or somewhere else where they will be easy to reference throughout the year. Happy listening, and as always let me know if you have any questions or if I can be praying for you in any way. You can contact me here or at moderndaymarys@gmail.com.

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